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Hiring a professional electrician is important for any kind of electrical work at your residence or in a commercial building. This is because of the scale of the dangers and risks associated with the electrical work. Moreover, it is essential to hire a licensed electrician that will ensure that your electrical work is in the hands of a person that has the required qualifications and experience to proceed with any type of electrical job. Giving the electrical work to a licensed professional electrician would, thus, mean reliability and competence and so you should limit your search to certified electricians only.

Moreover, for this varied type of electrical work, there are different types of electricians available.

Types of Electrician

Here are the different types of electricians you can hire based on the kind of work:

  • Commercial electrician – These electricians work on commercial construction sites and commercial buildings and some other mechanical electrical systems. The rules for licensing a commercial electrician are quite strict and stringent since it is the matter of safety of a number of lives. A commercial electrician also works under the hands of a master electrician. Their work involves installation, system upgrades and troubleshooting the electrical problems that may be caused due to several reasons such as faulty wiring.
  • Residential electrician – A handyman in florence, kyhas some of the basic electrical work such as installation, maintenance and up-gradation of electrical systems at home or apartments and installation of outdoor landscape lighting. Their training involves classroom studies and an apprentice program that is to be done for at least 4 years under the guidance of a senior experienced electrician. There is also a tough test at the end of the apprentice program which they need to clear.
  • Master electrician – A master electrician is highly skilled and experienced. They are often involved in supervising apprentice electricians and other commercial and residential electricians or they have their own contracting business. While a master electrician should possess the skills of installing, upgrading, repairing, troubleshooting an electrical problem and maintaining an electrical system, they should also have the ability to handle all these electrical tasks.
  • Journeymen electrician – For handling light installations, power supplies and work related to mechanical connections, at residences or at commercial sites, journeymen are efficient to do both without any supervision. Electricians generally have to undertake an examination post completing the apprentice program. They can also train an apprentice to complete the journeymen examination and certification.

So, hire the best type of handyman in florence, ky based on the kind of electrical job that you have.

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