Watch And Download Odela Railyway Station Movie

Watch And Download Odela Railyway Station Movie

In your house board on a Thursday evening? Have you returned from work and browsing on the web for the latest hits of the Tollywood industry? Then you must be familiar with the movie Odela railway station.

You can access this movie on the aha platform. On the platform, you can find several telugu crime movies and series according to your liking. Furthermore, if you browse through the website of aha, you will not be disappointed with the interesting searches. Several gems of the Tamil and Telugu industries are presented on aha.

The cast of Odela railway station

The movie is directed by the legend of the Tollywood industry Ashok Teja. The cast of the movie is excellently chosen. The star cast of the movie is Hebah Patel, Sai Ronak, Pujitha Ponnada, and Vashista N Simha.

The movie was released on the popular OTT platform on August 26, 2022.

Odela railway station Story

Odela railway station Is a suspense crime thriller. The story of the film is based on real-life happenings in the village of odela. As a series of murders takes in the village, the villages are immensely troubled.

Further, we see that a determined and young police officer is set on the misuse to figure out the true happenings of the village. As the plot gets complicated, we notice that all the villagers are a suspect in the eyes of the officer. However, time is sensitive, and he must act upon it fast.

What to expect from Odela railway station?

The viewers of the movie can rest easy as the suspense of the movie is not released until the climax. The story of the movie is very simple, creating a place where the viewers can easily link with the plot of Odela railway station.

There is also a romantic interaction that is presented in the film. Thus making it a point that it is not a dull watch.

Watch the latest crime movie on aha.

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