The cons of CBD candies

Cbd gummies

Now that we’ve covered the side effects of CBD candies, it’s time to understand the possible cons of taking them. Although for now we can name only two – the presence of sugar-based sweeteners (if any) and a lower bioavailability Cbd gummies for pain.

Sugar-based sweeteners

Some CBD candies may contain sugar and sugar-based sweeteners. This circumstance could raise great concerns for diabetics and people who adhere to a sugar-free diet. However, many CBD manufacturers offer sugar-free candies, so it would be advisable to check the full ingredient list before purchasing best Cbd gummies for pain.

Slower bioavailability

CBD products such as gummies, softgels and beverages are ingested, so they need to be digested. As a result, CBD is initially broken down by the liver before starting to circulate in the bloodstream. As a result, CBD gums have a lower CBD bioavailability than CBD tinctures or super-efficient CBD vapors, which are absorbed into the bloodstream quickly when placed under the tongue or inhaled.

As a percentage, the bioavailability of CBD gums is approximately 13-19%. In other words, if you chew a gum with 20mg of pure CBD, your blood will only receive around 3mg of CBD. In comparison, the bioavailability of CBD vapors can reach 60%.

Can i give CBD gum to children?

Indeed, some parents are tempted by their calming effects. They see CBD gum as a remedy for calming an anxious child. However, even though CBD products are completely legal and impossible to overdose, we still don’t recommend giving CBD gums to children.

Such an approach is wrong as our bodies react differently to CBD, with highly possible side effects. It is extremely important to consult with a therapist or healthcare professional before administering CBD products (including gums) to minors.

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