High-Quality Cannabis – Choose The Right Product

high quality cannabis

Cannabis has been used for thousands of years for medicinal and spiritual purposes. Even today, many indigenous tribes worldwide use cannabis as part of their cultural and spiritual customs. Cannabis plants contain cannabinoids of various forms, which are effective in treating many illnesses and symptoms if taken in proper dosage. Cannabis has been used for pain relief, to treat nausea and anxiety, to boost the immune system, and many other health issues. It’s imperative to consider the quality of cannabis before use. Different attributes may contain different proportions and quantities of various cannabinoids. In most cases, people think only in terms of THC and CBD, but there are many other cannabinoids present in cannabis that can make things better or worse depending on the person taking it and his requirements. Hence, you should prefer high quality cannabis.

Ways to recognize high-quality cannabis

  • It’s not just THC

Most people think that THC is the only thing we need to consider to determine the quality of cannabis. But there are more than 100 different cannabinoids and terpenes present in cannabis, and the best results can only be achieved if there is a harmony of all these compounds in adequate proportions. If we look at the THC level and ignore the other ingredients, we may not get the best quality cannabis.

  • Smell

Compounds like terpenes affect the smell of cannabis. Depending on the type of terpene compound and its proportions, the smell of cannabis can range from sweet and citrusy to earthy and sour. The stronger the smell, the higher the number of terpenes present, and the better the quality. One thing to be careful about is to confirm that it doesn’t smell like hay or mold.

  • Flower buds

The buds of the flower are a good indicator when we want to know the quality of cannabis. The best quality cannabis will have sugar-like crystals around the buds, which are easy to notice. The presence of these crystals is a clear indication of high-quality cannabis. We might also see some hair-like spikes around in high-quality cannabis. Generally, the colors of high-quality cannabis flowers are vibrant and range from green to purple shades. It’s not wrong to go with: the more vibrant, colorful, and sparkly flowers; the better the quality of the cannabis.

Other than these, one should also consider the freshness, the packaging, and their preferences which may differ from person to person.

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