What to do if you want to lease a car?

Cars are just like any modern day gadget which won’t last long hence leasing one might seem like a better option over buying. In order to lease a car you need to have some prior knowledge and some help from the experts. Here’s how you can lease a car with ease:

Steps to be followed

First off you should be sure whether to give your car for lease or not as you have make a down payment first and then make payments until the term of lease is up. After this the car should be handed over. The plus side for leasing is that you can drive a car which is highly unaffordable. There are several online sites where you could lease your car like My Lease. Based on your available budget you should make the decision as you don’t want to end up in debt unnecessarily. Choose the car which perfectly fits your budget. If you are based in UK there are a wide range of choices which are available for you at My Lease.

If you still aren’t convinced then a salesman can do the job for you, picking out the best choices in the market in your range. Look at various models and what all features they come with. If you have a car of your own choice and within your budget but it doesn’t provide the required performance and the maintenance is costly too, you might find yourself in trouble and a huge loss. So keep all the variables in mind. The next best thing to do would be to go to your dealer and have a test drive of the car you want to lease. Check if everything is as per your need; seats, head light, performance, handling etc.

Make sure you have the money at hand or bank if possible, financing at the dealer might be costly. Negotiate over the final price, remember the lower the price the lower you have to pay and save more. You could also negotiate in such a way that no down payment needs to be made or you have to pay a comparatively lesser monthly payment. Once the price of the deal has been negotiated it’s better to keep that in writing. If you smell something fishy you better walk out before everything is finalized. Sometimes it so happens that the dealers are very much engrossed in making a sale that even the buyer is blindfolded so make sure everything is right.

Also don’t get blinded by the price tag thinking that it’s cheap hence this would seem a better option but the dealer is smarter than you and look for every possible way to churn the money out of you by including small things like transportation would cost you this much, maintenance would cost this much and what not. Be careful of these cheap dubious tricks and don’t fall for them. Before sealing read the lease agreement carefully and make sure you understand every single point mentioned in it. If you find anything suspicious ask for clarification or explanation as to what it is doing in the agreement. Sign it only after you feel everything is right.


These are the necessary steps which could be followed if you want to lease a car. Be careful of the points which are mentioned above and never fall for their trap. Do your homework and be very particular about every simple thing. Make sure the car is as per your need and that the price is well under your budget. Be alert and be thorough.

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