General Dentistry for Children: What You Need To Know

To properly care for your child’s teeth, knowing what general dentistry is and all the treatment options is essential. If a child develops an issue that affects their teeth, it can become a significant problem if left untreated. General dentistry is usually the first step on the path to dental implants, but preventive care for children can help them avoid substantial problems in the future. There are many different levels of general dentistry for kids, and each has its benefits.

The first step in general dentistry for children is to learn about the different treatment options. Some of the more common treatments are:

Invisalign – Invisalign is a system that uses clear plastic aligners placed over teeth to change their shape. The aligners can be removed and replaced as necessary so teeth can be shaped and straightened. Invisalign is ideal for children with minor issues like tooth decay, cavities, and misaligned teeth, but it’s not always the best treatment option. If a child has a severe issue or has had several previous treatments, they may be better off starting with traditional braces or other solutions.

Braces are often the first choice of treatment for many children, especially if they have moderate to severe issues with their teeth or have had previous treatment failures. Braces can help correct bite problems, crooked teeth and crowding in both upper and lower jaws, but they aren’t always a perfect solution. Braces aren’t recommended for all cases because of concerns about wearing down the enamel on back molars, jawbone growth, and other issues that can arise from wearing braces too long. Braces should also be considered as an option if a child does not show signs of tooth decay or gum disease early on in life.

Crowns and Bridges – Crowns and bridges are often used as an alternative to traditional braces when there isn’t enough room for braces on both upper and lower jaws. This can be especially true for children with crowded teeth and thin enamel. Crowns and bridges are not always the best option for all cases, but when they are the best option, they can make a huge difference in terms of appearance and function.

Dental Implants – Dental implants can replace missing teeth, but many different treatment options work as well or better than dental implants. Dental implants also come in many different types, so it’s essential to know how they differ from one another before choosing them as treatment options.

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