Who Is Awarded For Child Custody After A Divorce?

Going through child custody is difficult to do on your own. You need some legal help to get through it. Talk with the custody lawyers near me, it can give some hints and ideas on which party the child is awarded for the custody. Marriage with children dealing with divorce can be so uneasy to deal with. Children will be affected by the feeling of being hopeless and now a broken family.

After a divorce case is granted, their obligations and responsibilities to their children don’t end up there as well.

How can a custody lawyer help you?

A custody lawyer advocates for you during mediation and disputes that involve your children, including:

  1. To become the primary caregiver of the child after a divorce
  2. Guides you through the paperwork
  3. Serves as representative in court proceedings
  4. Negotiates the child support rates

How to know if you need a custody lawyer?

When you have gone through a divorce recently, a lawyer who specializes in child custody may be required because not all divorce or family lawyers have experience handling the children’s placement. If there is any doubt regarding who the children will live with and who supports them, it can be helpful to have a specialist on their side.

What are the different types of child custody?

Child custody is the rights and obligations between the parents about their children after the following:

  • Divorce
  • Legal separation
  • Paternity decree

There are two independent types of child custody, namely:

Physical custody. It is the amount of time every parent is permitted physically with the child. It may be the following:

  • Sole
  • Primary
  • Joint custody

Legal custody. It is the parent’s decision-making rights about the following:

  • Child’s health
  • Education
  • Welfare

Frequently, the Court designates a sole or one parent as the primary custodian, giving the other parent the schedule of temporary custody and visitation. However, in some cases, the Court orders physical and joint legal custody for the children. Both parents have considerable access to the children, which means their responsibilities to the children can’t be affected being a parent. The decision of the court in a particular case is based on the following:

  1. child’s wishes
  2. each parent’s historical nurturing role
  3. relative circumstances of the parties in the future

There are cases where the Court will decide to whom they award the child’s custody. They make an assessment and make a conclusion as to who will ensure the welfare of the child/children is secured.

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