Maintenance And Upkeep Of Single-Family Elevators

An elevator is a machine that is used to transport people or goods over a long distance by raising or lowering them to the desired level. It is a common form of transportation in large buildings, such as skyscrapers, high-rises and shopping malls. Ascensores unifamiliares are also found in residential buildings and can be used for moving heavy furniture and equipment between floors, which may not be accessible by stairs.

Here are tips that help you in the maintenance and upkeep of single-family elevators:

Check the safety of your elevator

Before you do any repairs, make sure that the elevator works properly. Check the operating equipment and make sure that electrical shorts have not damaged it.

Check the lighting system of your elevator

Ensure that there is enough illumination in your elevator to help you to operate it safely during night time. If this is not possible, look for lightening fixtures in a central location within the building that can be easily reached.

Inspect the shaft

Check if your elevator has a smooth and even surface and also check for any water leaks near the entry to the shaft. If you notice any wear and tear on the rails from pressure from the cable drums, replace them immediately with extra-long rails.

Check door openings

Make sure that all doors are sealed tightly, so that no dirt or dust escapes from your building. Also, take note of any loose hinges or broken latches.

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Check the railings

Check the rails for loose joints and any damaged parts, so that they will not cause any accidents. If you are installing new rails, be sure to install them to the right distance from the shaft wall, so that maintenance personnel do not have to carry heavy loads when entering or exiting through the shaft door.

Inspect the cables

Ensure that all the cables are fully extended when your car becomes immobile. Also, be sure to check and renew the insulation in between each cable drum, as this will help to ensure that they are not frayed or worn down.

Check the elevator parts

 Inspect the main shaft door, control panel, emergency stop switch and control rods for any damage. Also, check if you need to replace them due to wear and tear or corrosion.

Install a new elevator system

If your building is getting old, or if you have a new building that needs to be equipped with an elevator, try to install a new elevator system. This will give your building the latest technology that has become available in the past few years. The most important thing is to plan ahead before purchasing any elevators and get the best value for your money.

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