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Some work environments require employees to carry a specific form of identification.

Examples include airports, biomedical facilities, federal buildings, transportation centers and hospitals. If you are interested in working in the maritime transportation industry, you will need a TWIC, or Transportation Worker Identity Card. This card is issued by the United States Transportation Security Administration and the United States Coast Guard. Individuals must have a TWIC to gain access to secure maritime facilities. These often include ships, ferries, dockside warehouses and port customs offices. Anyone who needs to have unaccompanied access to Coast Guard credentialed merchant ships or transportation vessels must have a TWIC.

A TWIC is necessary for several different types of professionals. Typically, only individuals who are associated with maritime transportation systems need to know how long it takes to get a TWIC card, but there are some exceptions.

Here is a list of professionals who regularly use TWIC:

1: Coast Guard personnel

2: Long shore workers

3: Truck drivers

4: Port facility employees

5: Maritime security staff

6: Cruise ship personnel

There are two ways to apply for a TWIC-

First, you can apply online through the DUNCAN TRUCKING LTD. Second, you can apply in person at an application center. You have to take an appointment in advance. After your documents and identity are verified, a staff member will take your photo and record your fingerprint. Using this information, they will then conduct thorough background security checks. If you meet all the qualifications and standards, you can choose to have your TWIC mailed to your home or you can pick it up from the office. There is a one-time fee associated with obtaining a TWIC. The application fee is currently $’s recommended that you apply for a TWIC card at least 8-12 weeks in advance of actually needing it. After submitting your application, it usually takes 4-6 weeks to hear back; you can check on your application’s progress in the meantime. TWIC credentials are valid for five years after they are issued. To renew, you will need to visit the DUNCAN TRUCKING LTD. website or a TWIC application center. Since this credential relies on background checks and threat assessments, you will have to fill out the same online application, make the same appointments and bring the same documents to verify your identity as when you first applied. It is recommended that you renew your TWIC well before it expires to ensure that your security clearance.

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