Get to know more about concrete pipes

Get to know more about concrete pipes

Many people prefer using concrete pipes because of their inherent strength, and durability, and for being risk-averse to correct placement. Concrete pipe life cycle cost proves that it is cost-effective and must be demanded in the future infrastructure. Concrete pipes are pipes manufactured from concrete, they offer different advantages including superior corrosion resistance and easy installation. Also, it is environmentally friendly, highly durable, sustainable, high strength, custom-designed fittings, and has low maintenance costs. Because of these great benefits, concrete pipes have become an ideal choice for Culverts, Storm Sewers, Retention Systems, and many more.

Understand what a concrete pipe is

Concrete pipe is a firm pipe having great strength and high longevity life in the range of 70-100 years. They are ideal for different loading conditions and are manufactured and designed based on AASHTO M 170, AWWA, and ASTM C-76. A concrete pipe is known as a rigid pipe that offers both conduit and structure when it arrives on site. Concrete pipes have been used mostly for water mains, there are specifications on soil compression. The composition of soils and the pressure the pipes can withstand.

Reasons why choose concrete pipes

concrete pipes


  • Concrete pipe unlike other piping materials has high inherent strength and still gains strength over time. Precast concrete pipe is considered the strongest drainage pipe available. Reinforced concrete pipe is a compound structure and is designed specifically to use the best features of both reinforcement and concrete.

Cost and Value

  • Concrete pipe easily meets the demands of life design since it is the most hydraulically efficient, strongest, most durable, and environmentally friendly pipe available nowadays. Concrete pipe’s attributes capitulate a lower long-term cost.


  • Unlike other pipe materials, concrete pipe has proven to have an excellent track record of performance. The concrete pipe will not burn, rust, buckle or deflect, or tear. It is also immune to most environmental elements.

Design and Construction Flexibility

  • Some projects have design elements that are somehow intricate and more complex compared to others. Precast concrete pipe offers solutions for these projects, whether they are deep burials, open-cut, shallow burials, trenchless, or with vertical structures. Concrete pipes are manufactured with different sizes, joints, shapes, and seal options. There is an array of coatings and linings that can manage the most aggressive environment.


  • Concrete is the most sustainable and durable material for infrastructure and major construction. It continues to function long after a project’s life is attained, by maintaining structural integrity. So, it lessens the costs associated with replacement and repair.

Conduit and Structure

  • Concrete pipe offers both conduit and structure when it exists on site. Unlike other flexible alternatives, the concrete pipe has little dependence on the neighboring soil for its structural performance.

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