How To Get Your Show Idea Up And Running

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Most shows don’t require a lot of money for the first episode. However, if you’re looking to put your show idea on the market, some basic steps will help you get started. In this blog post, we’ll provide you with those basic steps, so you can get your show off the ground.

  1. Choose a format for your show.

The most popular form of content for adult entertainment clubs in Palm Beach is reality, but there are other formats that are just as popular and can be used to create a successful show. These include:

Documentaries (which can also be scripted)


 Reality TV

Variety shows

Web series (like YouTube)

The format you choose will determine the level of production value you plan to invest in your show, as well as how much time it will take to get the first episode out there.

  1. Write and produce an episode of your show.

This is the most expensive step in the process, but it’s also crucial – if you don’t have something worth watching by the time you finish your pilot, nobody will pay to watch it! Once you’ve written and produced an episode of your show, it’s time to put together a pitch package which includes:

 A one-minute pitch video

 A 45-second trailer

A one-page executive summary (this is a brief, easy-to-read summary of the show’s premise, which you should also include in your pitch package)

The one minute video is a great way to show potential viewers how your show will look and feel. The trailer should be short and action packed, with lots of strong visuals that explain the premise of the entire show. The executive summary should be detailed, but not too wordy – no more than a couple pages long.

  1. Get feedback on your pilot from people who are interested in buying it.

There are many ways to get feedback on your pilot: you can try to get it into festivals or other competitions, or put it up on a website where viewers can vote for their favorite shows. You can also submit your pilot to sites like Kickstarter or Indiegogo so that fans can help fund its production.

  1. Get feedback on your pilot from people who are interested in making it.

If you want to make a series about your pilot, you’ll need to find people who will help you with the production of the show: a writer, an actor, a director, and possibly even someone who can design the sets and costumes! When you meet these people, ask them how much money they’d need to commit to producing your show – and how much time they’d need to commit as well. You should be prepared for these people to say no at first – but if they have the interest and ability to produce your pilot, they might be willing to take on the task of developing it into a series.


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